The 2010 Acura Rdx 2.3 Liter V4 Turbocharged Power Delivered

For its 2.3 liter size the Acura RDX provides abundant horse power through its VFT turbocharger. It produces a peak 240- horsepower at 6000 rpm with 260 lbs-ft of torque at 4500 rpm. Its advanced design allows the 4 cylinder engine to perform in the same class at many 6 cylinder engines.

The secret to its power lies in the highly advanced VFT (Variable Flow Turbo) technology available. At low rpm the turbo restricts the incoming airflow passage and speeds up the exhaust flow to keep the turbine spinning smoothly. This means there is plenty of power at low rpm compared to other models of turbocharged engines. As the rpm increases the intake airflow is increased and the exhaust is allowed to flow freely through a second intake chamber, maintaining turbo power for high-rpm acceleration. The forced air intake air is cooled by a top mounted intercooler, which means the cooler air burns more efficiently and increases engine torque across the full rev range.

Couple this with the Intelligent Variable Timing and Lift Control (I-VTEC) technology and it spells power to spare compared to other engines in the 2.3 Liter range. I-VTEC is one of the most advanced variable timing systems in the world giving plenty of economy, reduced emissions and high rpm power. The Variable Timing Control advances the camshaft rotation relative to engine rpm to optimize valve timing across the rev range of the engine.

All this adds up to a sleek and powerful design that is sure to please the most power hungry of the cross-over set. Add in the available all-wheel drive option and it spells power to spare.